Chidi Nwene

Will you be attending the All African Festival - Summer 2022?

Chidi Nwene

Chidi Nwene is the Executive Director and Founder of African Canadian Initiative (ACI). Environmental Specialist, Renewable Energy insider, Social Justice Advocate, Community Organizer, Affordable Housing Advocate and Business Development Associate. He attended Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Federal Polytechnic Oko, and Stratford Institute Mount Royal QC. 

He has multiple Certifications, Licenses and Diplomas from Institutions and Organizations. Worked in nonprofit organizations and numerous administrative roles in three continents. During his time in South America, he worked with governmental and non-governmental institutions. He handled multiple International Economic Developmental Projects in many countries in South America, poor communities in West Africa. He has volunteered in various  humanitarian projects, lived and worked in many Countries, he speaks multiple languages. 

Advisory Committee Member - Community Grant Allocation Panel, City of Guelph. Board of Directors of PFWCES.ORG. Social Justice Coordinator for Guelph Greens. Member of Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP). Facilitator - Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training Committee - Guelph Police Service. Working as a freelance Community Social Enterprise Director for numerous community based organizations and Environmental Sustainability Organizations.