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Nicole Hodgson

Nicole Hodgson is the Assistant Director & Women’s Development/ Crisis Coordinator of the African Canadian Initiative (ACI). Nicole is a passionate social justice advocate and committed to challenging systems of oppression preventing people from their right to access services and care. Nicole brings a background in International Development and Gender and Development with special emphasis in the areas of international gender-based violence, gender inequality, domestic and international human trafficking, domestic violence, poverty, and survivor lead approaches to development. Nicole uses an intersectional, anti-oppressive, anti-racism, and trauma-informed care approach.

Nicole brings a decade of front-line service in crisis management, women's advocacy, anti-oppressive, anti-racist education and has lead two anti-human trafficking initiatives. She has experience leading restorative care models and working in harm reduction settings with survivors. Nicole will support the ACI Initiative by leading casework with African Canadian Women accessing our services. As well as coordinate and streamline services for those needing crisis support or counseling services.