Pathways to a smooth transition to Canada

Integration Pathway

To support Canada's vision of building tomorrow's public service today, African Canadian Initiative suggests the Integration Pathway. Continuously updated to promote the best opportunities for African Canadians. This pathway provides many supportive opportunities to help you learn English & accent reduction. The Integration Pathway also supports you by providing access to legal services, community resources, job searching, networking opportunities, advancing your education, developing your career, and more.  Interested in the Integration Pathway? Click the button below.

Adaptation Pathway

The Adaptation Pathway is designed to support Canada's mission to promote and safeguard a non-partisan, merit-based, and representative public service for all Canadians.  The Adaptation Pathway serves to empower Africans.  Topics such as, culture shock, mental health assistance, financial counseling, housing, and providing relief to the underprivileged, and more is at the core of this pathway.  Are you ready to allow us to empower you as you adapt to Canada? Click the button to start the Adaptation Pathway

Community Pathway

The Community Pathway is a collection of opportunities that allow you to engage in activities to help promote equality and culture in Canada.  Community Pathway is in collaboration with various institutions and individuals seeking to dissolve discrimination, systemic racism, defend human and civil rights within Canada.  Ready to get involved?