updated 2023-08-07

African Canadian Initiative

Mission and Vision:
ACI is rooted in the values of support, empowerment, and community representation of African immigrants in Canada. We advocate a cross-section of the integration processes to the Canadian society. We guide African immigrants through every step from their arrival to the time they finally settle down in their communities.  By linking them with various entities that provide community resources, translation services, connect them with para-legal services, immigration services, job search, educational resources, career networking, multicultural organizations, and more, African Canadian Initiative can be there to help individuals feel comfortable integrating into Canada while expressing and sharing their cultural heritage.  

Youths, women, and men of African origin and descendants are our main focus. Ensuring that the new immigrants have a smooth transition into Canadian society is our top priority.  In addition, making sure new immigrants achieve their full potential in their newfound home.  While doing so educating individuals every step of the way on the cultural landscape of Canada and its people. 

To facilitate engagement within the African Canadian Community we are building a forum where people can share their stories, vision, ideas, motivate each other, and promote their cultural heritage.  Expanding from our forum, ACI will be in close contact with other relevant organizations, groups in other communities, via networking, social support, and programs for these new immigrants.  Building stronger African communities outside of Africa.

In conclusion, overcoming barriers and addressing the issues revolving around integration and community cohesion is what ACI is here to accomplish.  While doing so maintaining equality and proportional representation to help preserve diversity within Canada.


Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors of African Canadian Initiative!
Chidi Nwene
Chidi Nwene is the founder of African Canadian Initiative (ACI). Read more here.
Nicole Hodgson
Nicole Hodgson is the Assistant Director & Women’s Development/ Crisis Coordinator of African Canadian Initiative (ACI).  Read more here.
Jesse Browning
Jesse Browning is the Communications General Strategy Coordinator of African Canadian Initiative(ACI).  Read more here.

Team Member Division

Meet the Team Members of African Canadian Initiative!
Adaptation Pathway Team
Role(s):Multiple Openings
To Be Updated
Community Pathway Team 
Role(s): Multiple Openings
  • August 2023 ACI welcomed Kristina M Read more
Integration Pathway Team
role(s): Multiple Openings
To be updated